Top Moments from the OnChain Summer Buildathon

Top Moments from the OnChain Summer Buildathon


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During the month of June, our team at Creative Organization DAO participated in the OnChain Summer Buildathon via Devfolio. This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our creativity and technical skills. We made significant updates, improvements, and milestone completions. Currently, there is ongoing quadratic voting for all 1,255 submitted projects, until 11:59 PM PST, July 12th.

We encourage you to add a like or purchase a cheer sticker for any of the projects listed. Among these projects, one was built by us, and four were built by members within our developer community.

Our Submission

Genesis We submitted our initial work on Genesis, a new music and curator discovery platform. How did we come to this problem?

While releasing our own music over time, we realized there aren’t enough ways to discover new music. With evolving technology, solutions are meant to become easier to implement and less expensive for resourceful individuals like us. I developed a passion for creating playlists during my time building Creative (I’m listening to one of my playlists now on Apple Music: Hustler of the Year).

Building an app that helps people find new artists and musical talent felt like the right move. Currently, we use Audius as an integration, but plan to add additional sources. We're also updating the curator section of the app, allowing users to discover playlists based on their mood.

Other Cool Community Projects:

  1. Good Morning Summer 2024 offers stories for summer, aiming to educate and entertain through lore and narrative while promoting the value of crypto. It provides NFT artists another monetization avenue by combining story and scarcity.

  2. 🍪 Cookie Jar is an on-chain petty cash jar for high-trust groups and organizations. It simplifies minor expenditures and strengthens team trust by allowing whitelisted individuals to take “cookies” for expenses without the need for complex processes.

  3. Speedball is a fair token presale tool that democratizes the token presale process in the DeFi ecosystem. It ensures fair participation, redistributes liquidity provider fees to a DAO controlled by token holders, and leverages market volatility for collective benefit.

  4. FramePay is a Farcaster Frame that allows users to mint an NFT and redeem physical goods all in one smooth check-out flow through Shopify.

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