An Epic Journey Begins: The First POAP Drop For The Creative Platform

An Epic Journey Begins: The First POAP Drop For The Creative Platform


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POAPs are free NFTs that prove that the holder of the POAP was at an event or present for an important milestone. POAPs come in the form of a small, circular image—preferably one of a super-duper-dope nature—with details of the event embedded in it, such as the date and a brief description. Over time, a collection of POAPs can serve as bookmarks for your life, each one a unique digital collectible that can be held forever in your Ethereum wallet thanks to the revolutionary power of blockchain technology.

Like with all NFTs, you are the sole custodian of your POAPs. They are not owned by any government, corporation, or other entity. They are yours and nobody can take them (well, unless your wallet gets compromised—DYOR on good crypto SecOps before diving in!) Hold them forever as a keepsake, like you might that ticket stub from the time you saw Jordan in the NBA Finals. Or, if you want, you can even sell them if there is a market… like you might for that ticket stub from the time you saw Jordan.

Creative dropped its first public POAP at the 24-hour POAPathon Holiday Spectacular livestream event in December 2021. During Creative’s one-hour segment, rapper B.M.E. Mel and Shaddow performed while the Creative Marketing team got on and hyped the project. The music was popping, the audience was engaged, and fire emojis were flying by in the chat. After the segment, a co-branded exclusive POAP was distributed to those who watched.

More than 130 POAPs were minted just for attendees/viewers of Creative’s segment. Issuing a POAP increased engagement and interest in Creative, bringing in new members to Discord and more followers on Twitter, because people just can't help themselves; they love to collect shit, especially cool shit. The POAP looked, as is preferred, super-duper-dope.

POAPathon’s LIVEstream and Creative’s POAP drop was such a success that the collective intends to release POAPs for future events. Creative intends to distribute POAPs to every participant of each brand campaign hosted on the Creative platform to incentivize the community. And, unlike that ticket to a Jordan game, those POAPs might have more utility than just sentimental value or something to hang on your wall. With blockchain, there’s a permanent record of everyone who minted a Creative POAP. Those who hold it might just be rewarded in the future. Look no further than the Adidas POAP drop in December 2021, which ended up providing early access to Adidas NFTs and other merch for its collectors. 👀

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